Energy Healing and Bentonite Clay Baths

Wendell Hoffman was a self-taught energy healer born in Utah in 1918. He spent several years in industry and joined the military when World War II began. After the war, he worked in industry until 1969 when he entered the health field.  He lectured around the United States teaching people the art of analyzing. He … Continue reading Read more »

Detoxification With Ayurveda – The Basics of Panchakarma

Your Unique Dosha One of Ayurveda’s specialties is knowing how to recognize, treat and reverse chronic auto-immune disorders and health imbalances. Ayurveda believes that we all have a certain combination of elements in our bodies, and when we go out of balance in one or more of these elements, we experience health issues, ranging from … Continue reading Read more »

The Dangers of Heavy Metal Poisoning

What is a Heavy Metal? Heavy metals are those elements that are considered toxic to living beings AND have a high density, specific gravity or atomic weight.  This post is not intended to be a primer on physics. However, it’s only right to include definitions of terms used. Otherwise, readers are left confused and no … Continue reading Read more »

How to Avoid Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency in humans is very common and can range from mild to severe. Some believe that magnesium is the single most important mineral for bodily function. Magnesium contributes to over 300 chemical reactions in the body including aiding the ability to relax, maintain energy levels and even supporting circulatory system health. Proper mineralization in … Continue reading Read more »

Earth’s Living Clay in Kansas City, Missouri

Jan Fox of Kansas City, Missouri is a long time fan of calcium bentonite clay and other natural health remedies. Jan is the co-leader and founder of the Northland Getting Well Support Group, which meets the fourth Saturday of every month at Green Acres Market in Kansas City, Missouri.  The group hosts guest speakers each … Continue reading Read more »

Caring for Your Aging Pet

The average life expectancy for cats and dogs in America is between 10-14 years. By the time your beloved pet is 8 years old, they are well into adulthood and may show signs of aging. At this point, pets need extra attention and care to support them. Earth’s Living clay can be a wonderful way to … Continue reading Read more »