Silica -the Anti-Aging Mineral in Bentonite Clay

Quartz is found in silica

Silica dioxide is the dominant element in clays, yet it is the one most overlooked by consumers and others that research clay. Understanding the role of silica explains in some part, how calcium bentonite clay works so magnificently for a multitude of issues. Bentonite clay is a natural source of silica dioxide, which is a […] Read more »

Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease natural remedies

The number of cases of Lyme disease has more than doubled over the last 15 years. Etymologists and other experts anticipate the number of incidents of Lyme disease to rise due to growth of the tick habitat resulting from a warming climate. Recently, scientists have discovered that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease is also […] Read more »

Bentonite Clay -A Natural Remedy for Arthritis?

What is Arthritis? Quite simply, arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Joints are found at the knees, wrists, elbows, fingers, toes, hips and shoulders. Joints are also between the bones of the spine. The primary symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and/or stiffness.  Redness and swelling may also be present with arthritis. Arthritis can involve […] Read more »

How to Use Bentonite Clay Inside and Out

How to Use Bentonite Clay

Generally speaking, calcium bentonite clay can be used both internally and externally. However, since not all clays are the same, it’s important to know if the clay you’ll be using is for internal use or external use or both. Some clays can be used both internally and externally. If a clay is clean enough to […] Read more »

12 Small, Simple Steps To Becoming Healthier

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Everyone knows that eating organic foods and exercising is important for good health, but there are hundreds of little things you can do to become healthier, or at the very least, prevent yourself from getting sicker. Here are just 12 to help you get started. 1. Detox your body. The body accumulates chemicals, (pesticides) toxins, […] Read more »

Bentonite Clay for Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats

Functions Performed by the Kidneys The kidneys perform critically-important functions in both people and animals. The kidneys: • filter blood and waste products • help regulate blood pH • maintain and regulate the body’s water balance • help regulate blood pressure. The kidneys also produce a hormone called erythropoietin which is important in red blood […] Read more »