Can Calcium Bentonite Clay Help My Pet?

Animals in the wild have been bred by nature to instinctually seek out Calcium bentonite clay for petsmineralized clay for their own health and healing for thousands of years. Earth’s Living®’s pure calcium bentonite clay (Animin) can be used internally and/or externally by all species for:

allergies · anemia ·  arthritis ·  aspergillosis · autoimmune disorders · bacterial infections · bruises · candida ·  cuts cysts · diarrhea · enzyme deficiencies ·  gingivitis ·  gum disease · heavy metal detoxification · insect bites · joint pain · kidney disease · lacerations · Lyme disease · osteoporosis · periodontitis ·  parasites · poison ivy · rain rot  rashes · renal failure ·  ringworm strangles · tapeworm · thrush ·  ulcers ·  wounds and more! Our calcium bentonite clay for pets is called Animim.

What Makes Our Calcium Bentonite Clay So Effective

Earth’s Living® clay is from a pristine subsurface volcanic mine in California. It is naturally sun-dried (not irradiated) in temperatures up to 134°. Its properties have not been compromised by air or ground water contaminants. This highly-charged, pure calcium bentonite Montmorillonite clay has a drawing power of 33 times its weight and an alkaline pH of 9.7. It acts as a catalyst to improve nutrient assimilation. It absorbs and adsorbs free radicals, toxins, pathogens, metabolic waste, bacteria and heavy metals from the body, setting the stage for optimal health and wellness.

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How Calcium Bentonite Clay Works

Calcium bentonite clay is highly charged with negative ions. Through ionic exchange, it improves the absorption of glucose, vitamins, nutraceuticals and micronutrients. It also increases their ability to go THROUGH the cell membrane, making these essential elements more available to mitochondria (energy factories of cells) for increased energy and oxygenation.

From volcanic ash rich in trace minerals, Earth’s Living® clay is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation, detoxification and transmission of energy that speeds cellular revitalization. Earth’s Living® clay  is recommended by veterinarians, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other in-the-know health professionals around the globe.

How To Use Clay With Pets

Earth’s Living® calcium bentonite clay for pets (Animin) is the consistency of flour; it can be added to food or drinking water dry. It does not need to be hydrated first. Due to its strong pulling action, avoid prolonged contact with metal. It should not be stored in metal once hydrated or given in a metal water dish. See how much clay to give your pet based on weight here.  Always make sure your animals have plenty of clean drinking water available. Your pets will thank you for keeping them healthy and well!