What Is the Difference Between Calcium Bentonite and Sodium Bentonite Clay? Can Both Be Used Internally As A Detoxifier?

Earth’s Living’s Drinking Clay is suitable for internal digestion to detoxify the body. It and sodium bentonite clay are cousins from the same family – smectite – of clays. Our Bath Clay is sodium bentonite clay and for external use only.

One difference between them is that the molecular shape of sodium bentonite clay is that of a pyramid. The shape of calcium bentonite is rectangular. The molecular shape impacts the adsorptive properties of the clay. This difference means that the surface area of the calcium bentonite clay molecule is 20 times that of a sodium bentonite clay molecule. The result is the greater surface, the greater the accumulation of positively-charged ions (toxins, impurities) to the surface. The other primary difference is that calcium bentonite clay contains more calcium oxide and sodium bentonite clay contains more sodium oxide.

As with many natural remedies, it’s best to try different things and see which works best for you, keeping the above considerations in mind.


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