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Testimonials from Our Customers
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I have liver cancer and am on chemo, since starting with earth’s living clay my tumor load numbers went from 489 to 38! Now I am not claiming that the clay did it all, but it lessened side effects of chemo and I believe that the clay really helps with making my liver fight off angiogenesis and that means no food for tumors, I tell everyone about the clay. God bless you.

Erica H.

This clay is very fine and very pure to use. Nothing floats when you mix it. It mixes well with warm water and distributes well when you shake the preparation before you use it. I recommend this clay to all my nutrition clients who are going to have radiation or chemotherapy or who have had radiation and chemotherapy, as an agent to help remove toxins from the body. Thanks for creating this quality product at an affordable price. Cancer sufferers in particular are usually quite financially depleted and these natural remedies are with in their reach – and they help!

Nancy Shaw
The Cancer Alternative Wellness Center

This was my first time ordering from Earths Living Clay and I have had excellent service since the second I entered the website. I sent an asking e-mail and got response in no time, I then placed an order and was able to track the package down during the entire time it took for it to reach Norway. I will definitely order more green clay from this website and support the fine people that deals with this! Hopefully this will help cure my dads serious lung cancer. Thank you for lovely service and for selling lovely products!

Rebecka L.


I had a stress test and they put radiation through my veins and some other medical test that had radiation in it also.  I came home drank some of the clay and also took a bath in it. My body was on fire before I used the clay.  I am into Natural Health and I wanted this radiation out of my body now. I noticed within 3 hours how I wasn’t on fire anymore and how much better I felt. I  also was bitten by a brown spider on my back this past summer, after the bite I rubbed the clay all over the bite mark and let it dry. The clay dried but I noticed that the part where the bites were it was wet, the clay had pulled all of the poison out! I use the clay as a mask also! I LOVE THIS CLAY!

Heather S.

I just completed a 7 day detox cleanse. I took a minimum of 6 oz of liquified clay per day in addition to fresh fruit juices, veggies and soaked  brown rice. My results were amazing! I had more energy, clearer thinking and felt the detox effects more than I have during any previous cleanse! I have used other brands of calcium bentonite clay and found them gritty and definitely unpleasant to take internally.  Earth’s Living clay was a super finely ground powder and I found it to be much easier to take because the liquified clay was completely smooth and creamy and not in the slightest unpleasant to drink. You won’t stick to drinking clay and miss out on all the health benefits UNLESS you actually enjoy the clay product you buy. My friend had never used clay before and said it was better than they expected and they felt more of a detox effect than they had ever felt.You will enjoy this clay and at a more reasonable price than many other similar products and with super fast shipping, you can’t go wrong.

Maura M.

I’ve tried to turn to a more natural lifestyle because I don’t like exposing myself to all of the toxins that is in this modern world.  I do a lot of research but happened to come across Calcium Bentonite Clay by accident.  When I come across a health problem now I turn to the clay first, just to see if it works. Please be patient with me because instead of just saying that I LOVE THIS, I would like to share some (or maybe all) of my experiences.

When I first read about Calcium Bentonite Clay it sounded too good to be true.  I made my first purchase, was excited to try it but was afraid to be disappointed. I received the clay and started with the baths, the whole family got clay baths.  My husband works around a lot of chemicals and we noticed that by the end of his bath the clay was a lot darker than the rest of ours, so we took that as a sign that it was doing something.  At that point he had also been exposed to a chemical that caused a lot of brain fog and illness.  (After taking it internally and taking clay baths, his brain fog has lifted).

Melissa D.

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I use this for internal cleansing. I love it. Keep a batch in the refrig. Easier to drink when cold.  In 1 day you can feel lighter inside..hard to put words to it . But I strongly recommend it for internal cleanse.

Jim A.

I loved this product! It’s smooth and creamy tasting…which sounds weird for a clay but there you have it. I also use it in face masks, I mixed it with essential oils and made a tooth polish and I have had a bath in it! I plan on using it as a body dust when the weather gets hot as well. It shipped quickly too!

Amy W.

I have tried only one other brand of bentonite, but from that limited experience, this was BY FAR the superior product. I got it primarily to help me detox after a chemical exposure at work. I premix a cup or two with water in a glass jar & I eat/drink a couple tablespoons of that every night before bed. It has a wonderful creaminess, as another reviewer has said. It reminds me of Balkan or Greek yoghurt. It tastes nice… a bit mossy? maybe. I definitely look forward to my evening scoop of it.

I feel a bit ashamed of wasting such good clay but I have also bathed and washed my hair with this, and again found it’s much, much better than the cheaper one! This soothes my skin (which is usually itchy and pimpley) and slurps away the excess oils on my hair (The other did nothing). It leaves a bit of dusty residue in my hair (again, the cheaper one did not) which others might rinse more vigorously to remove, but myself I LIKE that dust! It is pretty much invisible & it adds body to my hair and prevents my hair getting oily-looking between washes. I tried the other brand because I live in Canada and was trying to save on shipping costs, but now that I have compared, I believe it’s worth paying a little more to get an excellent product. I will be a loyal Earth’s Living Clay customer from now on!

Katherine M.


I wanted to wait a full two weeks before I assessed this product. Sometimes you use something and it helps right away but then stops working. I have had severe headaches for the past two years. My doctor calls it stress which I do not believe, because this is actually the least stressed I have felt in years. I have tried vitamins, over the counter and prescription medicines and nothing works or at least not for long. Plus I do not like taking medicines just to cover up what is truly causing the problem. For the past 4 days I have noticed a big change in my headaches, they’re gone. I made it through a weekend without them and two days of commuting to and from work. After this week I will stop the detox and give it a two week break to see what happens. I have my fingers crossed this continues to help me, thank you.

Pavelle M.

Heavy Metal Detox

I have to say I never imagined how amazing bentonite clay would be. I have healed terrible burns and it is currently healing my son (he is two and has heavy metals higher than normal which are going down. He does not have autism, but that is probably where that road would lead).


I’ve used this clay in baths for detoxing after a far infrared sauna. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to clean up after the bath, and by how well I sleep every time I use it. I loved the experience so much that I ordered the 8 lb bucket of it and have been using it regularly. Customer service is excellent and communications have been very personal.


Learn more about using clay internally here. 

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Being a Holistic Massage Therapist, I value pristine quality. Earth’s Living Clay is exactly that! Originally I purchased this clay after doing a lot of research. Because I’m born and Raised in Los Angeles, I wanted a pure clay that was derived from the geographical area of my birth place as my body would be more receptive to that. I grew up playing in the Mojave Desert as a child as my Dad loved its serenity. I not only wanted Mojave Desert Clay for its rich healing properties, I wanted THE BEST Mojave Clay that was cultivated and sold with Love. I found that with Earth’s Living Clay. I am extremely pleased with not only the quality of the clay but also the swift and efficient very personable customer service. I use the internal clay in glass for internal ingestion daily and also to brush my teeth and do a type of oral oil pull, I also bought a pound of Sodium Bentonite for foot soaks and to pull out toxins from my body that way as well. I’m so happy with both and will be a life long client. My teenagers love it too! Thank you Janet and Earth’s Living Clay for helping heal the world! Xo

Diana E

Acid Indigestion

I ordered the clay for my husband and since he started using it he no longer has to take his anti-acid medication. Thank you very much for a terrific product.

Vicki G.

Acid Reflux

I had suffered with severe heart burn and acid reflux for many years and was suddenly introduced to Earth’s Living Clay by Chuck and Carol Rock. It was only a short time after taking the clay that I felt some very welcome relief. I now take the clay on a regular basis and are not longer suffering with the heartburn and acid reflux. There are other benefits from taking the clay, one being it is all natural, no drugs and made by God. I highly recommend this clay to anyone.


I have suffered from acid reflux for many years and doctors prescribed drugs have had only limited impact on my health. I have used Earth’s Living Clay only a week or so but I can already feel the difference!


My husband has been taking heart-burn medicine for years…with no true results of making the heart-burn go away…since he started drinking the clay the heartburn is gone he hasn’t had any digestion issues…great product!!


Me and my husband are using the clay daily. It tastes pretty good, sort of creamy. I don’t have any heartburn since I started using it.
Ruta V.


I was laxative dependent for 30 years. Doctors just labeled it as “Idiopathic Constipation” and just continually gave me prescriptions for laxatives instead of otc., but no real cure. I finally found a Natural Health Practitioner that prescribed the clay, sending me to your website. I literally started having normal elimination within TWO weeks! I now live a normal life and am no longer a slave to my digestion. I also feel healthier and more energetic in general. The clay saved my life. Thank you.


The little pouch of clay was just enough for me to get a taste of the benefits, I drank 1 tbsp every morning and night for 3 days, and my digestive system saw a definite improvement. Going to buy the 4 lb pouch soon to start a regiment :)

Chang D.


I began using Living Clay in December 2005 and have been amazed at the positive response I received for indigestion and heartburn. I have been using medical prescriptions for acid reflux for at least 10 years, but have not had the immediate relief as I have with Living Clay. My brother recommended Living Clay but I was skeptical until I actually tried it. And so happy I did! Using a natural product is a priceless benefit that I consider to be most important reason for using the product. Thank you, Living Clay.


Internal Bleeding

My 6 month old son has had blood in his stool since he was 3 weeks old. Dietary changes helped, but not completely. After seeing specialists, no one has come up with a solution (other than formula feed, which isn’t a route I am willing to take right now). However, since it appears to be a “hole” in the intestinal lining, C.P. said clay would heal it up and help stop the bleeding as well as the food reactions. I had never heard of clay before, but I am willing to try anything at this point.

Follow-up Email After Clay Use:

I started taking 1 oz shots of the clay water every day for myself, and I give 2 small doses to my 6 month old son each day ( in the morning and at night). He has been blood free with normal looking diapers since the day we started it!! This is a huge praise! He’s gone a week without blood before, maybe 3 times in the last 6 months, but 10 days is the longest (and counting) Thank you so much for your product! We intend to keep using it and hopefully in the near future I can start to move out of my horribly restrictive diet and onto a menu with more variety.


Intestinal Problems

I have been drinking the clay for intestinal problems and have experienced really good results. I am impressed. Also, I have found that I do not have the allergy and sinus problems I usually have this time of year. Praise God for this. I just wanted you to know.


Irritable Bowel

My mom would like to order some clay like I have. I think she wants four pounds as well. By the way, my husband is eating the stuff and is finding that it is helping his irritable bowel situation. Nothing else has helped him.


Learn more about using clay internally here.

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I met somebody who has an ingrown toenail that is infected.  Antibiotics were not helping so I suggested the clay.  I gave her some premixed clay to try and she said that it seemed to have reduced the redness.  Apparently she felt that it was working because I asked her if she would use it again if I gave her more, she said yes.  Of course she got more.

I have what I think is pink eye.  I’ll spare the details of what the clay has done for me, but I will say that I believe that it is helping.  I am using other natural products, but I alternate between the clay and other things because I would like to see how fast I can make it go away without modern medicine or doctors.

My husband’s co-worker’s son washed rushed to the hospital.  Upon evaluation they suspected it to be West Nile Virus but would have to wait a few days to get the results.  During that time the young boy could hardly move without his vitals spiking.  We gave him some clay with instructions and he gave his son a bath.  The next day his son’s vitals were back to normal.  The West Nile results came back, he didn’t have it.  The doctors have no clue what was wrong with him, but he is better now.

I went through my first 8 pounds of clay in one month just because I cannot keep this wonderful product to myself.  I actually have people wanting to friend me on Facebook just so they can read my updates.

I LOVE IT!!!  There, I said it.  But I hope that I have left you with so much more than just that.

Melissa D.

[Editor’s Note: Find Melissa’s additional experiences in other categories related to her testimony.]


I originally purchased Bentonite Clay to detox my system of toxins, poisons, pesticides, insecticides, radiation (from microwave, TV and computer monitor, x-rays, airport body scans), etc.   I have been using the clay for about 4 months now and I find that I have a lot more energy.  If I was only allowed to have one medicinal item in my medicine chest, it would be Calcium Bentonite Clay.  It is good for EVERYTHING!!  I discovered a wealth of other uses for Calcium Bentonite Clay.  I have had toenail fungus since I was in my 30’s.  I am now 73 and have been living with it all these years.  I was too embarrassed to wear open toed shoes or sandals.  Not anymore!!  Not only am I drinking the clay twice daily, but I apply it to my toenails a couple of times during the day and again at night before going to bed.  My nails have improved tremendously and already the two little toes are perfectly clear and free of fungus.  I figure in about six or seven months they will all be fungus free.  Six months is nothing compared to the 40 years I’ve had it.   I use it to clean my fruits and vegetables.  I add it to baking soda to brush my teeth. I ate something at a restaurant that didn’t agree with me and as soon as I got home I drank 3 ounces and my stomach cleared up immediately (within 2 minutes).  I live in a senior community and everyone asks me what I do to keep so healthy, and I tell them Calcium Bentonite Clay.  They see the benefits and are asking me to order some for them.

Jan F.

Lyme Disease

Having Lyme disease, it is really important for my body to detox . The clay baths really help me to do that and feel great!!!

Kim P.


This is definitely quality clay, Smooth and easy to drink, I made a past for 2 different family members, one with bites all over and another with shingles. In 3 days after applying the paste, the was significant change. Thank you so much, it is difficult to trust buying online, but to my amazement, Earth’s Living Clay worked great, Will absolutely order this again.

Debbie W.

Staph Infection

I recently had a staph infection on my instep (not MRSA per MD) which manifested with four red dots in a 1/4″ square. Tried my usual essential oils but did not solve the problem. As it appeared to worsen and to ensure that it was not MRSA I went to walk-in clinic. MD verified that it was not MRSA and prescribed an antibiotic.

While taking the antibiotics the infection did not worsen but it did not go away completely. Concerned because I was due to take a trip I returned to the walk-in clinic. MD advised completing the antibiotic hat I was taking and gave me another prescription to take if it did not resolve. Not happy with the results from the initial antibiotic and not really wanting to take another I asked for inner guidance as to what to do.

Divine guidance suggested that I use clay on it. With applications of a clay/water mixture, it took only a few days for the infected site to heal!! Bless Living Clay!


Learn more about using clay internally here.

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Achilles Tendonitis

A friend recommended clay for an Achilles Tendon problem.  I love playing tennis and was afraid I would have to quit for a while.  I started using clay topically on the area and within two weeks, I could play as much as 3 hours of tennis practically pain free!  Absolutely amazing!

Janelle C.


My husband was surprised when he experienced noticeable relief from his arthritis pain after taking the Calcium Bentonite Green Clay for only about a week and a half!

Ethel C.

I can’t begin to tell you how much Earth’s Living clay has helped me. I had been suffering with allergies that are gone now. I also had joint pain in my hip, which my doctor said was arthritis, again gone. I also had some foot pain, and that too is gone. My mother was suffering from herniated disc pain in her back. She was scared that she wouldn’t be able to return to her previous state of livelihood, due to her condition. I went and stayed at her house for a week, in tow was 24 ounces of liquefied clay which I planned to have her start 3 ounces of daily. She was in so much pain that she was willing to give it a try. Within 3 days she came to me in tears, not from pain but because she was so overjoyed about her pain subsiding that she wanted to thank me. I’ll end this by extending my thanks to you, Earth’s Living. Without this clay I’m certain that my health would not be on the positive side. I never want to be without the clay again. Thanks again!

Nikia C.

Interstitial Cystitis

I was told about your clay by a woman who recommended it. I had interstitial cystitis and was in a lot of pain. I had been to 13 doctors, including at the University of Louisville. They all prescribed various medications including Elavil which made me feel like a zombie. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was miserable. I’ve also had trouble with my bowels since I was 5 years old. I was prescribed laxatives, had a hemorrhoidectomy and even bowel surgery. I would vomit several times a day.
I started drinking 2 ounces of your clay twice a day, seven days a week. I started feeling better almost immediately. I now go to the bathroom after every meal. I have no symptoms related to either health problem. I now drink an ounce of clay every 3 days and am off all medications. I have my life back since I am not sick all the time. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product!

Joint Pain

I am very happy with using the clay as a detox (2 oz. morning and evening) for a month now. I will continue doing this for additional benefits! I’ve noticed particularly that pain in one finger joint is completely gone now!


I have applied 2 poultices on my knee and I have been experiencing almost no pain. We are going to visit friends in California this week and Liz has a bad knee. Guess what I will be taking for her!!! Thanks again


Just started using the clay internally for a little over a week but my knee pain is almost completely gone between externally packing the knee and taking internally once daily!



I put 2 ounces of clay water per package instructions in my all raw organic shake with lots of cacao and stevia and peppermint oil. It tastes great and with the serious stress I am under I feel pretty good still!

Jean M.

Learn more about using clay internally here.

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Animal Health

Wonderful product!  Helped my cat  a lot with her health! Will buy again!

Shanean A.

I am a great fan of living clay for both myself and all my critters. The last order I also got the pest power which I have used before. I mix it with a little baby powder and dust both the dogs and cats using the baby powder bottle for sprinkling. So much better than putting chemicals on them!!!

Miriam R.

I bought this for myself and my dogs and use it externally and internally. It is good to keep on hand if your dog has eaten something questionable, like mine did. I was afraid he may have eaten something poisonous and gave it to him over 2 days he was fine afterward. I use it as a mask and I drink it, I will be reordering!!

Neeraja L.

We were recommended by our vet to try the clay as a last resort before having to feed the dog pharmaceuticals by mouth for a month, which also had the chance for kidney damage. We didn’t have much hope but to our surprise our dog has completely improved his digestion and skin issues (we use it both in his food and on his skin). We are excited and happy to have found a safe alternative to harsh medicine.

Calvin T.

Bacterial Infection

I was soooo worried about my kitty and her red gums.  I have sent her to three vets and finally on the third one the dentist explained to me how she had an inbalance in her mouth and that the clay was a natural remedy for her and the bacteria that was causing the redness in her mouth.  I felt a little better and after researching it and getting this product I felt even more at ease. Not until I finally started using it and her gums cleared up was I then feeling like a good mother to my kitty! This product is great. I have another kitty that does not have this problem but he eats this in his food too and he has no problem doing so (and the vet said it was fine for him too since it was natural).  Thank you so much for being apart of my kitty’s relief and my ease!

Channon D.


Prior to surgery, took my dog off Clay to use the medications required after his ACL surgery.  Unfortunately, my dog has Acid Reflux and had an awful time with the medications.  I had to take him off the surgery medications, and then the trouble began.  He could not keep any food down. I got a recommendation to use Cottage Cheese which helps coats the stomach lining.  This worked for a while until I found a pure fish protein that is bio-digested.  This worked to help feed him… and we are on the way to recovery.  This is the third week after surgery, and the first meal of the day, I give him his daily supplements without the clay. I now have add the Clay back to his second and third meal.  The clay accumulates the toxins produced and  passes them out the back-end instead of through his mouth.  My dog stopped throwing up his meals.  Love this Clay!!

Debra Y.


Animin is a great supplement for horses. 2 heaping tablespoons 2x/day mixed in grain is the appropriate amount for an adult horse. Mix with enough water to make it stick and avoid any possibility of choking. My first experience with using the clay in horses was several years ago when one of my horses ingested a toxic plant. The vet gave her a veterinary product in a tube like paste wormer that had the clay as the main ingredient.

Louise H.


I’ve had a younger Aussie with continued Giardia issues and bacterial overgrowth on top of that due to the antibiotics &/or parasite treatments. Added the Animin and since then we’ve made it through the treatments without him going to loose stools as well. It’s also seemed to help him get back to a more normal status quicker after the treatments have stopped. We’re finally Giardia clear and we will keep giving him the Animin as well!

Michelle J.


My Mother’s dog was itching badly and seemed depressed.  She was itching and sleeping throughout the day and wasn’t her spunky self.  After giving her a clay bath she immediately came out wagging her tail and running around, the itching wasn’t as bad either.  Not even a month later my Mother said that she is no longer itching.

Infected Abscess

Question: My cat seems to have been bitten and her tail had abscessed and popped open. She was chewing on it and making it much worse. I put a cone on her and had been giving her Infection Fighter (herbal tincture). Can I put bentonite clay on her tail, it has dried out now since I put the cone on her, but I don’t want to give her antibiotics to treat infection.

Answer:  Absolutely yes! Try wrapping a piece of damp gauze around it once you get the clay on it.The longer it stays on the better. But it needs to be wet to work.

Email From Customer 8 Days Later: The clay worked! I put one clay pack and the wet gauze you’d suggested, left it on until the next morning.  I took clay off and let open wound dry out and it is healing perfectly, it looks so good! I had panicked and called a vet, was thinking I would take her in the morning.  I had the epiphany in the middle of the night that I know what to do, I don’t give my kids antibiotics, why my cat!?! Thank you for your assurance, it really helped!

Lynn M.

My pug is 12 years old, and I feel this product has helped extend her life.

Sandi G.

Loose Stool

I’ve been using this on my three dogs for about a month.  One has a very sensitive stomach and I have seen a big difference in her stool.  They all seem to be doing very well on this product.  I will continue to give it to them!!

Lori D.


Doggy has always had a lot of plaque accumulating daily. I’ve been brushing doggy’s teeth daily for the five yrs. I’ve had him. I tried a different brand of clay vet recommended a few yrs. ago and noticed a temporary improvement of less daily plaque formation. So far this product has also seemed to reduce the amount of plaque I find each day on his teeth. I’m hoping with this clay there will be long lasting improvement. Vet feels this clay is better quality than clay I used a few years ago.

Carrie W.

Poor Appetite

Our two cats love the clay so much.  They would pick at the wet food before, sometimes none at all, and now they just woof it down!  Very exciting.

Rick M.


My cat has some digestive issues, the evidence of which I find around the house as thrown-up piles of food.  Since feeding him a pinch of clay each morning in his wet food, he has stopped vomiting pretty much entirely.  Not even fur balls.

I am extremely confident in the effectiveness of the clay, especially after this weekend.  I was out of town this past weekend and had friends come feed the little cat for me.  To make it easy for them I didn’t tell them about putting the clay in the cat’s food.  For the first time in a month or 2 Charlie (my cat) had a couple days without clay, and he also had his first vomiting issue in that time.  This says to me that there is a direct correlation between Charlie’s eating clay and his vomiting issue.  Eat clay = no upset stomach and no vomit.  No clay = vomit.

Zach S.

Yeast Infection

I started giving my dog Animin Calcium Montmorillonite everyday. He had chronic yeast infections in his ears, He has been infection free since using the clay. When I got him he had parasites. He had several treatments but they didn’t seem to go away. He is parasite free. I wish I had known about the clay with my last dog. He always had ear infections. I would suggest using clay for anyone with a dog that has long ears.

Shelley S.

One of my dogs feel in a pond filled with algae when he was a puppy. Ever since he’s had yeast in his ears. I tried using Thieves Oil and the yeast would leave but it would come back. He was on the steroid Vimax which worked, but I didn’t want to keep him on that long term. I’ve been giving him Animin every day and he’s definitely detoxifying. His ears don’t smell as much  and there’s not nearly as much going on. My other dog also stopped eating other dogs’ poop since having the clay in her diet.

Barbara O.

Learn more about clay for pets here.

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I love this clay!  I take it internally twice a day and notice a difference in everything when I don’t!  I take it when I wake up and before bed.  I notice in the mornings, while I may not be ready to run a mile, I am not sluggish or groggy.  I suffered from adult acne and this clay has tremendously helped with that.  It is my religion. I cannot sing its praises enough.  I chose this clay because of the location and affordability.  I have used other clay’s and hands down will only ever buy here again! Awesome products!

Emily H.

I’ve been drinking this clay for over a year now, and am still impressed with the benefits.  Though my teen years are long past, I had always had issues with my skin, particularly scattered bouts of acne.  Since starting the clay, my skin is amazing.  I have also definitely noticed fewer digestive issues.  I drink the recommended amount when I get up in the morning; was very pleased that it isn’t at all unpleasant in taste or texture.  Great stuff!

June D.

I ordered the Calcium Bentonite Green Clay for a bunch of my friends and family. The clay is quite amazing. We have used it for externally for bruises, skin problems like Psoriasis, eczema, bites and boils as well as taken it internally for cleansing and detox.

A friend who suffers from stomach acid immediately notice the difference when she took the clay, her stomach immediately felt more settled. Another friend used it on skin boils, two days and the pus and infection was gone. Boils were so bad this friend need to get them surgically removed.

My son has very bad acne and taking the clay internally and using clay in place of soap in the shower has helped him with controlling the acne. Another friend has severe Psoriasis, arms and legs has been for years covered with thick scaly red and white flakes. He has tried everything from Chinese medicine to steroids but the skin seemed resistant to getting better. He applied Calcium Bentonite topically every other day over night and after one month the skin he skin is almost all back to normal. Regular healthily skin can finally be seen after years of thick red inflamed tissues.

My family finds it easiest to make up a whole bottle using a glass container with plastic cap then drink a shot morning, afternoon and evening. This avoids constipation as the clay is consume over the course of the day and we find a small shot glass taken several times a day actually helps with bowel movement. I have a few friends who are currently taking the clay to offset chemo. They have only started so I don’t have too much I to report right now.

The taste of the clay is actually very pleasant. Most people have an issue digesting the knowledge they are taking clay however if they drink the shot without knowing nearly 10 out or 10 finds the taste quite pleasant.

Animals like Elephants, Rhinos and hippos spends hours in the wild bathing in mud. I used to always think this was a way for them to stay cool in the hot sun. As I am using the clay both topically and internally I’ve come up with another hypothesis about why animals spends hours bathing in mud. In the wild animals eat what ever they can get, often meats may be rotting or perhaps vegetation could be poisonous. Diarrhoea and food poisoning could be deadly to animals in the wild. Unlike humans who can seek the assistance of doctors or hospitals animals in the wild must stay healthy. The hours of bathing could be more as detox and for health reason rather then simply to stay cool. I highly recommend trying clay for any ailments that you cannot find a cure for.

Jeanne L.


A family member followed a number of prescribed medications and treatments, orally and topically to clear boils that had erupted under the arms, groin area and knee without much success. The boils would not completely heal, resulting in return appointments to the doctor and more medication, and the cycle of pain and frustration continued. Full healing of the boils was experienced with Earth’s Living Internal Use Clay taken orally 1-2x per day and topically applied to the sites. Prevention from any further eruptions with internal use once daily a few times each week. Also, another family member had experienced continual issues with stomach upset without any relief from over-the-counter and prescribed medications, until regular use of the internal use clay. Thank you, thank you…we have much gratitude for Earth’s Living Clay!!

Annissa L.


I absolutely love your clay! I have used it internally to detox and feel far younger than my 63 years, and I have used the clay for facials, and wow!  I had a sebaceous cyst by my ear, and now it has stopped filling up.  I wish I would have known about the effectiveness of clay for these types of cysts before I had a surgery to remove one on my face.  It was a tiny cyst, but kept filling up, and the doctor who removed it left me with a long and unnecessary scar.  I would recommend your bentonite clay to anyone.  Thank you for offering such a high quality product.  I will be a life long customer!

Debra J.


This is best mud mask I have ever used! My skin feels so smooth, it is amazing. I have small bumps (milia) and this product has been fantastic. I have used numerous products over the past 20 years and this is the first product that actually got rid of the bumps. I have bought the mud mask for two of my neighbors and they love it as well.

Jana C.

Sun Damage

I have been going to bed with the hydrated clay (thin layer) on this place on the side of my nose where I have discoloration, blotchiness, probably from sun and part age spots of sorts….and have been noticing after a week or so of doing this that now there is a consistent patch that is totally clear though I need to improve my artistry in terms of applying ..in other words increase the area because the perimeter of the clear spot now looks by contrast…blotchy…hard to explain- should see if it comes out in a photo to send you. I am actually happy about that but like I said now I need to do the surrounding area.

Susan B.

Diaper Rash

Here’s a testimonial from my daughter-in-law Laura:

When I was in Chicago in March I gave Laura the clay samples you sent with me for the new baby. I wrote tips on how to use – such as diaper rash, slivers, injuries, facial make, etc. on the top of the jar. Not two days after I returned home, her two year old son Caden, who doesn’t like anything hanging around in his diaper, suddenly had a sore the size of a dime on his butt when he woke up one morning. When the old reliable [enter name brand diaper cream here] didn’t work at all, Laura remembered the clay I had just brought her. She says it was like a miracle how quickly the sore healed. They only applied the clay a few times at bedtime. There’s a scar there now as a reminder how clay heals. Just thought you’d like to know.



Thanks for the clay! I have used a lot of over the counter clays and yours doesn’t dry-out or make my skin get peely. It is really nice stuff.

Megan P.

This is best mud mask I have ever used! My skin feels so smooth, it is amazing. I have small bumps (milia) and this product has been fantastic. I have used numerous products over the past 20 years and this is the first product that actually got rid of the bumps. I have bought the mud mask for two of my neighbors and they love it as well.

Jana C.

Old Blemishes

Love using the clay for facial masque. It doesn’t dry my skin out yet cleans out the pores.  I had these bumps on my cheeks,old pimples that I wasn’t about to extract, and the clay masque has flattened those bumps by about 75% at least so far.  I sometimes used the masque every day and it’s not too strong, nor does it dry my skin out to use that often.

Robin B.

Mother didn’t want to ingest the clay but I at least got her to try it as a facial mask and she loves it.  She said she can feel her skin tightening.

Melissa D.

[Editor’s Note: Find Melissa’s additional experiences in other categories related to her testimony.]


We ordered a bath bag last time and loved it so much, that’s why I ordered 4 this time.
My son, who gets the worst eczema of us all, always asks for a “clay bath”. I just sprinkle enough to turn the water, and it keeps the bumps away and keeps him from itching (he still gets the edible one in smoothies/brownies). Its been great. Clay puts [enter name brand here] oatmeal baths to shame. I’m so glad you offer the baths at a less expensive price. It has come in so handy with spring allergies.

Christine P.

Large Pores

I have used the clay for almost a week now each night under my eyes and around my nose (very large pores) and I can definitely tell the difference! Pores have shrunk at least 50% which thrills me BECAUSE now I don’t feel like I need to wear such a heavy coat of base makeup. I’ve actually been wearing powder only :) I’ve searched the internet for a few years ALMOST buying promising products to reduce pore size, but the reviews are always iffy.

Kim Q.

I’m 60 yrs old and have been fascinated with and have used skin care products, including masques since I was 19 yrs old.  I’m a huge fan of before and afters and have to tell you that using the clay (for internal or external use) is the best masque EVER.  It cleans my pores, seems to tighten my skin, and brings clarity and radiance to my complexion. The masque also seems to eliminate what’s left of my oily zone, yet without drying out my skin in other places.  It also helps smooth some bumps I’ve had for the past few years that even professional facialists have not been able to improve.  My sister-in-law was visiting for a week and she has adult acne and excessive oily skin even though she’s 60.  We applied the masque on the days she was here and her skin was so improved!  She made me send some clay home with her :)  Ladies (and men), you need look no further for the perfect masque.

Robin Barr

Hyperpigementation (Melasma)

The dark splotches on my skin are completely gone now and new paler skin after a few days of your Muscle Mud application. Has blended 95% with other skin color so I barely notice where it was!

Susan B.

This clay is incredible!  I have been using it in 3 day cleanses for about 4 weeks.  My skin has cleared up, no more splotches and I have more energy.  I have started making my own toothpaste. Bentonite clay, organic extra virgin coconut oil. It has whitened my teeth and my once swollen, red gums are pink and much healthier looking.

Joan M.

Pre-Cancerous Lesions

I recently had two pre-cancerous spots removed and decided to try a test.  Both removals were quite deep. One I treated with a calcium clay mix on the bandage, the other per doctor’s instruction.  After a week, the one with the clay had started to fill in nicely, while the other one was red and sore.  I figured that was long enough for the test and started treating both with clay!  Now they are both filled in and healed.  I really wish i had taken pictures!!!!  Love this wonderful clay!

Miriam R.


Just wanted to THANK YOU for thinking of me with the clay bath and mask. I used the bath last night and it was AWESOME !!! [sp] It took about 90 % of the scales off and stopped the itching immediately. I was ready to scratch my skin off last night at bedtime and so I thought I would give the bath a try, also my joint pain OMG. When I laid down last night I hurt so bad and my joints were so swollen and when I got out of the bath, I had NO PAIN at all, even my bone spurs in my feet didn’t hurt. Last night was the best nights sleep I have had in a long time, so THANK YOU again !!

Bonnie B.

Bath clay is a great product. I use it for my Psoriasis on my legs. I spread it on and cover it with saran wrap before bedtime. It’s not a cure, but what is. A great help with the cracking, scaling, and itching. You can’t beat the price, especially with the free shipping. As far as the thickness goes, I use a little less than 3 to 1, plus a tablespoon. I like mine a little thicker. You just have to play with it a little to get the right consistency you like.

Dan C.

I have had rash on the top part of my feet for the last five years. I have tried everything including shea butter my friend brought back for me when she was in Africa. To my disappointment nothing helped. I thankfully never gave up because I used the Earth Living clay and within two weeks I had no signs of a rash. When my rash wants to act up I apply a very little of the clay and it is gone within hours.

Corrine W.

My husband has had a weird skin condition since the military that comes out every so many years. Every doctor has been stumped and a bit freaked out by it. I gave him some clay to drink and used it on him topically as well. Instead of having to take the strongest antibiotics out there, it was better the next day! And one other thing! We came down with the flu about 2 weeks ago. Clay helped us recover nicely along with some other natural remedies like oregano and honey. I didn’t have to buy [enter name brand OTC remedies here]. Makes me wish I lived in house hewn from a bentonite clay mountain. :)

Christine P.

I’ve tried so many different things to help relieve my psoriasis–creams, lotions, coconut oil (topically and internally) a meat & dairy free diet, apple cider vinegar (topically and internally), probiotics, a gluten free diet…the list goes on and on–and nothing has seemed to help. I started drinking your clay on May 1st and I already see and feel a difference…only a few days later! My skin does cycle through periods of relative calm and harsh flare-ups, but I have a feeling that my improved skin, while drinking your clay, is more than just a coincidence. I just wanted to say thank you!!!

Amy C.

Skin Lesions (Pleva)

A year and a half ago I suddenly developed a dreadful skin condition that has been recently biopsied and diagnosed as Pleva…a condition which has no known cause and presents itself as a chicken-pox like rash … Itchy in nature and often blistering. The spots can be small or up to a half an inch in diameter, blister badly and leave brown scars! I suffered my outbreaks mostly on my lower legs but many other places as well.

The most effective treatment is UV treatment but also in some cases liver damaging drugs are prescribed! An anti inflammatory diet is also recommended! I followed all protocols for my condition and was able to in some manner keep things calm but my skin was always in constant eruption. I believed in my heart that this inflammatory condition was a sign that I had an overload of toxins in my body perhaps metal…which lead me to investigate heavy Metal Toxicity. I was fully intending to get tested but stumbled upon a world of information about Clay! I had nothing to lose in trying a regime of Clay and it certainly was hugely less expensive and less stressful than a regime of tests and Chelation therapy so I began with Bentonite hydrated clay every day and then 2 weeks later added Clay Baths to my routine!

For the first time in a year and a half my body is clear of all the Pleva spots! Wow! I am singing from the highest mountain to all who will hear… Clay is a Must-Have for all of us! We are bombarded with toxins and metals every day and we desperately need to cleanse ourselves of these invaders so we can heal naturally! I am a living example that it is possible to go beyond treating the symptoms and get to the underlying cause! And…in closing I must say how amazed and perplexed I am how few people know about Healing Clay! I guess I’ll sing louder!


I love the clay– very easy to drink also it is helping to clear up my pleva, not as bad as it was I hope with time it will go away all together.  Also no constipation !!

Jean M.

Rectal Warts

I am writing this note to say that the clay was like a miracle for me. I have rectum warts that are VERY PAINFUL. I could hardly walk. I was introduced to Earth’s Living Clay and one application and I felt 100% better. I highly recommend this clay to everyone. Thank you Chuck and Carol for saving me from all that pain.


Learn more about how to use clay externally here.

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My husband was working on something (scraping caulk with a box cutter) and by accident stabbed his hand with the box cutter, down to the bone with caulk still on the blade.  It looked horrible and he figured that the bleeding flushed out anything that wasn’t supposed to be there.  He was wrong, he woke up the next morning with a bad infection (the area was purple and bright red).  He decided to apply some clay, left it on for an hour and when rinsing it off he noticed that the purple went away and the red started dulling down.  He was amazed and wished that he would have taken some before/after pictures.  The wound also healed very quickly.

Melissa D.

[Editor’s Note: Find Melissa’s additional experiences in other categories related to her testimony.]

Can’t say enough good things about this clay.  It is my go-to product for so many things.  It’s great for facials, upset stomachs, burns, cuts & scrapes.  Anytime my daughter gets a cut, she asks for clay on it.  I even sprinkle it on my dogs food every day.  We use it for one thing or another just about every day.

Sharon C.

Bee Stings

The other day I was mowing the lawn and disturbed some bees that were in a bush I brushed up against and 2 bees immediately stung me in my forearm (2 stings anyway). I ran into the house and put the clay mask on the area and right away the pain subsided! Left the clay on for an hour or so until it was beyond dry to the point of flaking off. Then as I examined the area and started brushing some of the superficial flaking dried clay off …there- plain as day were the two small stingers. Zero pain through the whole ordeal, except for the 45 seconds or so that it took me to run in and grab for the clay, and absolute efficiency in removing the stingers.

Susan B.

I was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets who were hidden under a dock overlooking a pond. They stung my legs over 20 times! A friend had a small jar of bentonite clay paste with her and treated the stings. My legs were red, swollen and burning but the paste gave me IMMEDIATE relief! We continued to wash and reapply the clay (along w/ low doses of Benadryl at night) and all signs were gone within 4 days. Thankfully I was not allergic but I know the bentonite clay took the pain, swelling and fever out!

Terri L.


I bought this clay for internal use, but recently burned my hand horribly (and stupidly) on a cast iron pan I’d just pulled out of the oven under the broiler. I ran in under water and it still burned for hours, I tried burn ointment and it didn’t help. Then I remembered the clay, I made a pack (1/2 clay 1/2 water) covered it with plastic wrap and left it on for two hours. It was amazing in that the clay became HOT on the outside. The pain was gone. The next day my hand look like it have been badly burned at least a week or two ago. By the end of the week the burn looked months old (I only used the clay once) and within 2 weeks you’d never knew I burned myself. It is nothing short of a miracle (and I don’t say that lightly)!


Fire Ants

My daughter is a magnet to fire ants.  Recently she had a run in with them and I got her to take a clay bath right away, the itching stopped almost immediately.

Melissa D.

[Editor’s Note: Find Melissa’s additional experiences in other categories related to her testimony.]

Spider Bites

Thank you so much for making the wonderful green clay available! I can’t tell you the number of times I have used it to settle my stomach when nothing else would work. The other day I must have gotten what I think was 3 separate spider bites while I was sleeping. The bites swelled up like crazy, got all nasty & inflamed around and were extremely itchy and hurtful. I mixed some of the clay with water to a paste and applied it to the bites. Almost immediately the itchiness went away and the clay drew out the poison. After on use it felt fine and after two it was just about completely gone. The clay is totally amazing! Hey it works great as a facial and mud bath too! I love the way I feel after the mud bath…relaxed but full of energy. Thanks again for the product and all your good information.


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I have used this amazing clay both internally and externally for 6 years. The latest use was for an abscess on my gum right above a bridge. It was a large abscess totally filled with pus ( not draining) I cut some cotton rounds into 4ths and applied the hydrated clay and placed it on my gum. I changed it every 4 hours. On day two the gum was draining and the swelling is gone! I have started on antibiotics just as a follow-up.


I had an abscess in my mouth the size of a gumball and had tried many remedies that didn’t work for me. I made a clay poultice and put it in a cheesecloth pouch and put it right on the abscess. It is almost gone after 3 nights of this treatment and it’s not hardly red and inflammed anymore. I have told many of my friends about this, including one that has arsenic poisoning. He has started drinking clay and is looking well. He has not yet been retested for arsenic, but is to sleep without his BPAP now! When I research something I go to about 5 different websites and Earth’s Living Clay was the best. This clay is needed by everyone in this world we live in today. God bless you all!

Barbara O.

Dental Infection

I got a severe mouth infection with lesions, swelling and bleeding gums. Despite prescribed antibiotics, my intuition was telling me to use clay, since I remembered from childhood about its drawing power. I researched on Internet and discovered Earth’s Clay, within a few minutes, after taking clay, I experienced soothing and sharp pain got reduced. I continued putting pouches of clay on problem area, on first day swelling got down by 50%, after two days swelling and lesions were gone. When I went to doctor for check up, he mentioned that my intuition was correct and antibiotics would not be as effective in this case.


John also used the clay for a tooth infection he got while camping. He said that he could feel it draining and the pain stopped and he could keep camping out. The dentist said that the tooth was fine and just cleaned it out with some kind of laser. Got to keep the tooth. I think he would have been in for a root canal or worse if it were not for the clay. So thank you!


I’ve used it to brush my teeth and they feel so clean afterwards.

Melissa D.

[Editor’s Note: Find Melissa’s additional experiences in other categories related to her testimony.]

This tooth polish rocks!  I was turned onto this product by a girlfriend of mine who was ranting and raving about it.  Recently, I had my dentist appointment for my cleaning.  I actually try to go at least 3 x a year, because I tend to have a build up of tarter.  My dentist finished my cleaning so quickly and looked at me and said – what have you been doing; you had no built up tarter nor bleeding?  And there you go – the only change I did was my daily tooth polish, using it twice a day!

Arianna H.

Teeth Whitening

I absolutely love this clay. I feel it gives me energy, is a general body health potion, if you will. I drink it before I workout in the morning and in the evening. I also put a little clay powder in a dish and dip my toothbrush in it before I brush. The result is very pretty, white teeth. I have also used it as a facial mask and it works very well, leaves my skin soft and refreshed.  I would highly recommend this product.

Julie B.

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I emailed you about a week ago with some other questions regarding the use of the products I purchased from you, the bath clay, internal clay and lotion. I am very happy with all of them, so far! It seems immediately (the next day) after ingesting the first ounce of clay, my edema in my ankles was almost completely gone. Could that have been that fast from that little amount of clay?


“I have been going to the doctor as well as specialists for leg pain and swelling. I was unable to walk very far without my legs aching and I was also out of breath. I picked up a flyer for Earth’s Living clay powder and decided to give it a try. Within a week I am almost free of the achy swollen legs and I am even more excited to breath normally again!!! I have not felt this good in years and I am so excited with my results!! I am telling everyone about this product as it truly is a life changer!”

Donna G.


Once I started taking it I could notice a difference in my energy level, my overall feeling of well-being, and I was also able to identify parasites being expelled from my body. I have since had better mind clarity, and much more energy and ability to function at a rate/pace I haven’t been at in a long time.

Dawn K.

I love this clay!  I take it internally twice a day and notice a difference in everything when I don’t!  I take it when I wake up and before bed.  I notice in the mornings, while I may not be ready to run a mile, I am not sluggish or groggy.  I suffered from adult acne and this clay has tremendously helped with that.  It is my religion. I cannot sing its praises enough.  I chose this clay because of the location and affordability.  I have used other clay’s and hands down will only ever buy here again! Awesome products!

Emily H.

I’ve been slowly taking my alkalizing strategies from one phase to the next. When I read about the benefits of dry bentonite clay for external and internal use I thought, why not?  I casually researched for about a week to figure out all the criteria that I wanted to see satisfied. My first criteria: I didn’t want my clay to be irradiated. Second: the mineral profile – gotta look out for that aluminum! I eventually came across Earth’s Living and, after reading their comprehensive and thorough details of the different clay products, I was ready to make a purchase. The deal sealer was the fact that the clay is naturally sourced from Southern California – thus, a local source. I bought 1 lb of the calcium bentonite green clay for internal use. My experiences have been positive. I make smoothies with my clay and add psyllium husk to help with the passing of the clay. So far, my favorite smooth: strawberries, mango, ginger, greens, coconut water. And the effects are very evident. I’m feeling lighter, more energetic, and, overall, cleaner. I can feel my digestive system working! I love it! I’ll be buying 4 lbs next time!

Hayley C.

I have been drinking clay for a few months and have really noticed a difference in how I feel, for the better!
This is the first time that I ordered the drinking clay from Earths Living Clay and I have to say it tastes better than the brand I had been using. I also had the product within a few days. I had previously ordered the tooth powder which I use daily as I drink red wine and have a lot of crowns. It brightens my teeth and I think (but would need my dentist to confirm on the next visit) that my gum pockets are getting smaller. Fingers crossed.
I will definitely recommend Earths Living Clay.

Eunice S.


I love this stuff.  I take baths in it and it instantly destresses me and relieves my aches and pains.  I have fibromyalgia, so it is very effective in calming my nerves, relaxing me, and easing some of my muscle pain.


First Aid

If I could only have one thing in my medicine cabinet (and I have young kids) it would be clay. Even over the standard emergency kit antibiotics. Take care and thank YOU for helping me and the family heal with clay.

Christine P.

Plant Food

This product is our long time secret for growing healthy bamboo.  We sprinkle it dry around the base of our plants three times a year .  It’s gradually absorbed by the plants when we water them.  They just love it!


Restful Sleep

I’ve been taking the clay internally daily. I took the clay bath and wasn’t quite prepared for the intense relaxation afterward, but it was an absolutely fabulous bath!! Both Butch and I have been doing the foot bath too, and I find it such a wonderful experience! I’m beginning to feel the difference in how my feet are feeling at night also, sleep is much sounder! As far as taking the clay internally, I’m feeling much more grounded, and have much less nervous energy, which is what I needed. It almost has me feeling a bit lethargic, but not lazy…I figure my body is getting used to being more grounded and is in the process of cleansing. Anyway, thanks so much for the book, the clay and all the information you shared with me, I’ve used the clay as a mask and loved it! I put it on the spot my arm and it’s almost totally healed. I can see the possibilities are endless! Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon!


After bathing in my living clay my skin feels silky soft for days!


Alkalizing the Body

I am working to strengthen my bones and have been reading about the acidifying effects of so many foods.  We need to have an 80% alkaline balance to keep our bones healthy.   I love that I am easily able to alkalize my body and detoxify with this wonderful clay.


Pilonidal Cyst

I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst about 20-25 years ago. It can be years between flare ups but when they happen – ouch! At diagnosis I was told surgery could cut it out but that would mean six weeks on my stomach in bed and no guarantee it would never recur. I passed on that option.

Shortly after I learned about calcium bentonite clay last year, I had a flare up. I applied a poultice to the wound and covered with a paper towel overnight. My husband said it was about 50% gone the next day. On day two, I repeated the overnight treatment and when I awoke, the inflammation was gone – along with the pain. Wow! I was sold.

Janet L.

Broken Nose

My grandson broke his nose on a Friday when visiting friends out of state. The hostess had some of your clay and suggested putting a clay poultice on the face and after one application, there was considerable improvement. Another poultice was applied a second day and I couldn’t believe my eyes at how much it had improved! He went to his doctor on Monday and he couldn’t believe that the nose had just been broken 3 days before. I am ordering your clay for myself now and I’m very optimistic that it will help me with something I’m dealing with.

Barbara W.

Learn more about how calcium bentonite clay works here.

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