Uses of Clay

Calcium bentonite green clay can be used both internally and externally. Some people use it both ways. People use calcium bentonite clay for:

acid reflux ● acidosis ● acne ● allergies ● athlete’s foot ● autism ● arthritis ● bacterial infections ● brown spots ● brown recluse spider bites candida ● constipation ● cellulitis ● Crohn’s disease ● diaper rash ● diarrhea ● eczema ● food poisoning ● heartburn ● heavy metal detoxification ● irritable bowel syndrome ● leaky gut syndrome ● Lyme disease ● morning sickness ● nausea ● osteoporosis ● parasites ● teeth whitening ● ulcerative colitis weight loss

Read more about internal uses of clay including how to mix it for drinking.

Read about how to use clay externally here.

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